Nov 03 2016

Dinner is Served

img_0217The dinners have started again for the 2016-2017 season and both guests and volunteers are happy to see them back on the calendar.  Each Tuesday night, through the winter months, a dinner is served at the Methodist church in Blackfoot to the hungry and those that may just need a friend to talk to.  Numerous faith and community organizations have volunteered to provide the meals each week.  On November 1st  302 guests were served a meal of spaghetti, corn, garlic bread, carrot sticks with ranch dip, and a cookie for dessert.  Activities were provided for 32 children who enjoyed making Christmas ornaments out of pine cones.  The guests also enjoyed entertainment that was provided by the Kevin Young family.

Thanks goes to all the volunteers throughout the community that so generously give of their time and resources to support this effort.  It is a wonderful thing to see friends and neighbors working together side by side in such a great cause!


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Oct 23 2016

Scouting for Food Drive

img_1646The Blackfoot Community Food Pantry along with SouthEastern Idaho Community Action Agency (SEICAA) received thousands of canned and dry goods on Saturday, October 15th.  Boy Scouts from the area went to the doors of homes throughout the community picking up food items that families had left on their doorsteps.

The food was then consolidated in central locations, sorted by food type, and hauled to the Food Pantry where it was unloaded and stacked.  Volunteers at the Pantry, including scouting leaders, helped to further sort the food items and then boxed it and stored it for use throughout the year.

A big thanks goes to the Boy Scouts of America and to the local scouts and leaders in our community who organized this massive effort.  Of course none of it would be possible without the generous donations of each family in the community who left a bag of food on their doorstep!  We live in a great place and recognize the kindness of those who shared their food with others who might be less fortunate.

This food drive provides the largest influx of food items for both CDT and SEICAA during the year and both organizations are grateful for the help in both food and labor provided.










Oct 23 2016

Day of the Corn – 2016

On Saturday morning, September 24th, volunteers young and old, turned out to support what is now known as the “day of the corn”!  This service project provides corn for both the community dinners that are held throughout the winter months each Tuesday evening and as supplemental food for those receiving help at the Blackfoot Food Pantry.

img_2754cOn this brisk fall morning thousands of ears of corn were generously donated by Richard Johnson of Grove City Gardens.  Richard provided the equipment to harvest the corn and volunteers then husked, cleaned and transported it to the Methodist Church in Blackfoot.  Youth groups from local churches helped with this task as they have done in all previous years.  A new crew took the corn and blanched it, after which teams removed the kernels from the cobs.  The corn was then packaged and stored in the freezers at the Blackfoot Food Pantry for use throughout the year.

A special thanks goes out each year to the Johnsons for their generous donation and support of CDT and the community.  They have been providing corn for use at CDT since the first corn day seven years ago.  A big thanks also goes to all the volunteers that donated their time, tools, cookers and trucks to help harvest, prepare, and process the corn.  The fruits of their labor will be enjoyed by many through the coming winter months!

A few pictures of the activity are shown below.

img_2731c img_2739c img_2745c img_2751c img_2776cimg_2769c





Sep 30 2016

EIRMC food donations – you can help

Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (EIRMC) is celebrating their 30 year anniversary and to that end, they have launched a website with a historical look-back at   As part of their anniversary, they are giving back to the communities that have supported them by collecting 30,000 canned goods to donate to eleven food banks in their service area, including the Community Dinner Table in Blackfoot.

The following information comes from EIRMC and describes how the donation works.
1.  Invite your work colleagues, friends and family to visit and virtually donate.    Simply click on the donate button and EIRMC will buy the cans for you!
2. Share the news on social media, in your schools, churches, neighborhoods.  We’d love for everyone to be involved!
3. Contribute to the cause!  There is a grocery cart in the cafeteria and the main lobby; we’d so appreciate your donations of canned goods for people in need.  Just remember, please no bagged, boxed, or glass containers—canned items only for hospital infection control reasons.
The collected food will be donated to the Community Food Basket, Idaho Falls Soup Kitchen, St. Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army, North Fremont Food Pantry, Jefferson County Food Bank, Cornerstone Pentecostal Food Bank, North Bingham County Community Food Bank, and Community Dinner Table (Blackfoot Community Pantry), Family Crisis Center, and Teton Valley Food Bank.

Jul 17 2016

Great time at the Barbecue

IMG_9300Once again CDT invited the community to come together for a summer barbecue held at Courthouse Park.  The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all.  Doug Eddington and his band played music throughout the evening which provided a great backdrop to a warm summer evening.  Thanks goes to the young women volunteers from the Blackfoot LDS 12th Ward  for helping to serve.  Thanks also goes to the CDT board and the many other volunteers for helping organize and provide the dinner.



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May 27 2016

MVMS wins Food Feud

image003The first annual “Food Feud” was won by Blackfoot’s Mountain View Middle School (MVMS) in a competition with Blackfoot High School.  The winner  was announced at the Tommy Vaughn’s Marathon and More on Saturday, May 21st at Jensen’s Grove . The objective of the competition was to help fight hunger in Blackfoot and Bingham county, especially when the supplies begin to diminish in the spring.  Principal Wes Jensen, said the students and faculty really embraced the challenge and we’re excited to compete. They had internal  competitions among the various classrooms and grades. The combined effort of both schools brought in roughly 2,500 cans of food as well as $300 in donations. But in the end the middle school came out victorious.  Because of their efforts they won the $1,000 prize donated by the Blackfoot Rotary club.

“For the first feud, we were happy with the results and feel like this can grow into an annual tradition, that just gets bigger and bigger”, said Christian Utley , CDT board member.  Speaking about Food Feud, Principal Jensen enthusiastically said “their school will take on any challengers next year, so bring it on!”

The CDT board would like to thank both schools for their generosity, and a special thanks to Blackfoot Rotary club for their generous donation to the winning team.


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May 22 2016

Community Garden Spring Cleanup

IMG_0327Each year the garden keeps improving and this year was no exception.  The cleanup went quickly and many of those with plots had already prepared and planted.

To help prepare the garden for the season members of the Blackfoot LDS Young Single Adult wards met on Saturday, April 30th with shovels, rakes, rototillers, and enthusiasm to pull weeds, clean debris, and prepare the plots for planting.  A big thanks goes out to all those who volunteered their time to make the Garden such an asset to the community!

To learn more about the Blackfoot Community Garden click here.








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May 08 2016

2016 Appreciation Dinner

IMG_8374On April 12th board members hosted the Community Dinner Table’s annual appreciation dinner.  This provided an opportunity to thank all those who supported CDT through the previous year and give them the chance to sit back and enjoy a terrific meal themselves. Those attending were treated to “chicken in a barrel”, prepared by Ron Thompson and Dave Cronquist .

Recognition was given to Pam Lienemann, Holly Osburn, and Emiley Rose Mills who stepped-up and supported the Kids Korner when Debbie Hammett fell ill.

“Pay it Forward” awards were given to Dallen Worthington and Bryan Thompson for taking time to help a couple in need whose car needed drastic repairs. An award was also given to the Johnsons at Grove City Gardens for their generosity in providing corn and a variety of vegetables to the dinners and Food Pantry.

Recognition went to Dan and Linda Perry who helped out at the dinners.  Others recognized for helping at theIMG_8262 dinners include Chris Cheatham, John Johnson, and Ryan Woodland as well as the Bingham United Rugby Team.

Thanks were given to all the kitchen leaders, regular volunteers, and the generous community members that contribute so much.  Special thanks were given to all those who contributed to, and participated in the Harvest for Hunger program sponsored by Bingham Coop (CHS).  Through the donations of individuals, several banks, farms and other businesses, as well as the matching amount from CHS over $16,000 was raised to support CDT and the Food Pantry.

A highlight of the evening was a check presentation from Basic American Foods for $4,000 to help repair and cover the floor in the Food Pantry.

The final recognition of the night went to Reverend Carolynn Bower who will be leaving the community for a new assignment.  She has been a strong supporter of CDT and has served on the board since her arrival in Blackfoot.  We appreciate her service and will miss her.

This dinner ended a very eventful and exciting 2015-2016 season.  This coming year promises to be even better!




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Jan 15 2016

50,000th Meal Served!

IMG_8064-AOn Tuesday night, January 12th, Community Dinner Table served its 50,000th meal.  The lucky patron was James Howard who had traveled to Blackfoot to take his young ward Jason Denlinger to the dinner.  James comes from Idaho Falls to help Jason with the social growth and interaction that he finds each week at the dinners.  Both were delighted to be recognized and James especially appreciated the gifts that were presented.

The dinner was hosted by the Christ’s Cowboy Country Church and a delicious meal of sloppy Joe’s, coleslaw, salad and drinks were served to 265 souls.  For dessert, a wide selection of pies were offered to hungry guests!  The highlight of the night was the entertainment provided by the Country Connection band which presented an energetic and fun selection of gospel songs.

Along with the meal, 49 children joined in at the Kid’s Korner ™ making colorful paper flower pots with a little flower “popping out”, giving some hope for spring to come soon.

While special recognition was given out on Tuesday night, we are pleased to offer dinners every Tuesday night through the cold winter months.  We thank those from the Christ’s Cowboy Country Church and from all the faith groups and community organizations that have been part of the CDT mission to offer food to the hungry and a friendly place to come, relax and enjoy each others company.  Thank you to the amazing generosity of this community for helping us reach this important milestone!

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Jan 08 2016

A Week at the Pantry


Every Wednesday afternoon approximately 200 families are welcomed by friendly faces to the Blackfoot Community Food Pantry.  For some, the pantry provides essential meals that the family would struggle to find elsewhere.  For others, it helps offset the monthly food budget so that necessary bills can be paid.  To provide this service to those in need, there is a host of volunteers working behind the scenes on a regular basis each week.

The week starts on Monday when milk is picked up at the LDS Bishops Storehouse in Blackfoot and hauled to the pantry.  Food donations can be received any day of the week (if arranged) but the big effort takes place each Wednesday.

In the morning, a crew first stops at Walmart and Ridley’s to pick up the day old items (via Feeding America and the Idaho FoodBank) and takes them to the Food Pantry to prepare for the distribution that afternoon.  Boxes of food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, canned goods, bakery items, meat, drinks, eggs, beans, rice, desserts, and various dairy products are sorted and organized.IMG_7779

Soon after, volunteers are traveling to the Idaho FoodBank warehouse in Pocatello where donations are picked up, loaded into a trailer and hauled back to the Pantry.  By then the afternoon shift has assembled to unload the trailer, then haul, sort and organize the new products for either immediate distribution that afternoon or to be stored for use the following week (or in preparation for the Christmas food boxes during November and December).

When final preparations have been made the volunteers assemble for final instructions and the food distribution begins at 3:00 PM.  Patrons start assembling early in the afternoon.  When distribution starts each person signs in and gives family size information to our administrative volunteers as they begin to receive a defined set of food products, appropriate for the family and based on available supplies.  The process continues until 6:00 PM when clean up begins.

The week ends when volunteers come back on Friday to do a final cleaning and prepare the process to begin again the following Monday.  This process is repeated every week of the year.

We would like to recognize the tremendous time and effort given by the many volunteers who are helping feed the hungry in our community. We thank you and appreciate your service.  Special thanks also go to Ronda Cheatham and Sheila VanOrden who are the driving force behind this effort.

To learn more about the Pantry CLICK HERE.

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