2021 Day of the Corn

Once again this year, volunteers assembled to process the generous donation of corn from Richard Johnson of Grove City Gardens. We are so grateful for his ongoing support of the Community Dinner Table. Each year since the beginning of Community Dinner Table dinners, he has contributed approximately 5000 ears of corn to be used for those dinners throughout the season. Volunteers husk the corn to get it ready for the “Day of the Corn”. On that day, other volunteers prepare the corn for the freezer – resulting in approximately 132 gallons of cut corn!

Here are some pictures from this year’s Day of the Corn showing the process – blanching the corn, cooling the blanched corn, cutting corn from the cobs using some ingenious cutting stations, and packaging the cut corn for the freezer.

Thank you Richard Johnson, and all the volunteers that helped prepare this corn to share with our neighbors!

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