CDT Celebration Dinner

Rock1The Community Dinner Table celebrated the year with a fabulous dinner for all the leaders from each of the supporting organizations.  Recognition was also  given to those that went the extra mile and gave freely of their time in a variety of capacities.

Special recognition was given to Reverend Gay Jeffery who will be leaving the area in the summer.  She is a founding member of the CDT and was instrumental in its original formation.  She has plans to move closer to family and will be deeply missed.



Certificates were awarded to those that stepped up in a big way during the season, exemplifying what service is all about and displaying the capability to help when the help is needed most.  

Certificates were presented to:

Ross Woodward – Kid’s Korner

Pat Taney – Dinners

Kelley & Debbie Steele – Dinners

Dick Kaiser (JLMUMC) – Dinners

Anne Lim (JLMUMC) – Dinners 

Lola Brower (JLMUMC) – Dinners

Paul Wolfley  – Dinners

Allen Going – Pantry

Chris Burgett – Pantry

Plaques were given to those who have endured with us, having been consistently reliable and giving service over a number of seasons.  

Plaques were given to:

Karalee Stone – PantryAward1

Art Williams- Pantry

Richard Mangum- Pantry

Shelley Mangum – Kid’s Korner

Debbie Hammett– Kid’s Korner










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