Sep 24 2015

Day of the Corn

IMG_6938Friends of CDT completed another successful project on Saturday, September 19th in what is affectionately called the “day of the corn”.  On this beautiful fall morning between 4,000 and 5,000 ears of corn were generously donated by Richard Johnson of Grove City Gardens.  Richard provides the equipment to harvest the corn and volunteers then husk, clean and transport it to the Methodist Church in Blackfoot.  A new crew takes the corn and blanches it, after which 5-man stations remove the kernels from the cobs.  The corn is then packaged and stored in the freezers at the Blackfoot Food Pantry for use in the weekly dinners and to give to patrons of the pantry.  Approximately one hundred volunteers helped out between all the locations on Saturday and hundreds of pounds of corn were processed.

A special thanks goes out to the Johnsons for their generous donation and support of CDT and the community.  They have been providing corn for use at CDT since the first corn day six years ago.  A big thanks also goes to all the volunteers, young and old, that donated their time, tools, cookers and trucks to help harvest, prepare, and process the corn.  The fruits of their labor will be enjoyed by many through the coming winter months!

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