Nov 03 2016

Dinner is Served

img_0217The dinners have started again for the 2016-2017 season and both guests and volunteers are happy to see them back on the calendar.  Each Tuesday night, through the winter months, a dinner is served at the Methodist church in Blackfoot to the hungry and those that may just need a friend to talk to.  Numerous faith and community organizations have volunteered to provide the meals each week.  On November 1st  302 guests were served a meal of spaghetti, corn, garlic bread, carrot sticks with ranch dip, and a cookie for dessert.  Activities were provided for 32 children who enjoyed making Christmas ornaments out of pine cones.  The guests also enjoyed entertainment that was provided by the Kevin Young family.

Thanks goes to all the volunteers throughout the community that so generously give of their time and resources to support this effort.  It is a wonderful thing to see friends and neighbors working together side by side in such a great cause!


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