Sep 19 2014

New Pantry Construction Started!

Work has started on the new Food Pantry!  With the generous donations from Alsco (look for an upcoming post after the October 13th check presentation) Basic American Foods, the CHC Foundation, and many others we are now able to start construction of the new building that will house the pantry operations.  We also recognize the great volunteer labor being given by local skilled craftsmen under the direction of Tad Stoker.

A new post will be added when the facility is finished.  Check back to see the progress that is being made!
Pantry 9 (Panarama)Pantry 6 Pantry 7 Pantry 8Pantry 10 Pantry 11 Pantry 12 Pantry 1 Pantry 2 Pantry 3 Pantry 4 Pantry 5