Securing food for everyone in need is a lofty goal. Giving seniors a place to socialize turns out to be equally lofty. And, when you stop to think about it, getting 22 faith groups and their friends to joyously work together seems pretty ambitious as well. But, these goals are actually being achieved by the Community Dinner Table. Every Tuesday night from the last Tuesday in October through the last Tuesday in March since 2008 has seen CDT place over 67,000 plates on the dinner tables at Jason Lee Memorial Methodist Church – our home base.

The “Dinners” have become the backbone of CDT’s operation, and led to the numerous community services CDT now manages. But the truth is this: to greet more than 6,500 people through 23 weeks for each of ten years is a real consistent way to help Blackfoot and Bingham County serve its citizens in need. It won’t be long before we serve our 70,000th meal. CDT has found that need is difficult to define. Some come hungry for nutrition – others for interaction, and some for fun. Winter is simply a needy time, and CDT Tuesday Dinners fill that community need without federal or state funding. This ministry works because the community wants it to work. If you want to help, go to the donations tab and get involved. Or, contact a Board member and express your desire to help.