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What’s for dinner, you ask?   Not an uncommon question asked in most households, is it? The most difficult part of the answer should be “what to make” not “is there anything” to make.  How difficult it must be for any parent to tell the family that there isn’t much to eat – or even that there’s nothing to fix.   It is our goal at Community Dinner Table, Inc. to provide food resources for families and individuals who are struggling with putting food on the dinner table. That’s why we partnered with the Idaho Food Bank to provide a weekly food pantry in Blackfoot. It is incredible to think that the Blackfoot Community Pantry distributes more than 300,000 pounds of food from its Blackfoot location, 245 W. Sexton St. in Blackfoot.

It is incredibly sad to have a client appear with tears in their eyes because they don’t want to be there – in reality, an admission that they are finding it difficult to put food on the dinner table.  Yes, a fulfilling community service indeed – and so necessary!  For more information, click:

But there’s more, as we have found a silver lining, even within this difficult and challenging task. – It is the people who are there each week volunteering. These people, many recipients themselves, serve others in their community and enjoy the friendships they develop along the way. It is wonderful to watch those we serve, serving others. This is a fantastic way to “complete the stewardship circle.” Community Dinner Table, Inc. is driven totally through volunteers and donations – see information below to help us in our mission.

Food Pantry – Donations & Volunteering

It is only through the help of people like you that we are able to help so many of the hungry in our community! There are many ways you can help: Volunteer your time and talents – it takes a surprising large number of people and abilities to make this operation run smoothly. Provide financial …

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