Hi, my name is Jackie Young and I am the newly elected President of the CDT board.  I became involved with CDT in the same way that many others have become involved, by serving as a volunteer at one of the Tuesday evening dinners.  I enjoyed that experience and later went on to serve as a kitchen leader.  Helping to organize and prepare two of the dinners per season.  After doing that for a while, I was approached to serve on the board of directors when a position became available.  I was excited and happy to give it a try; I had no idea what I was in for!

CDT’s board of directors is made up of caring, hard working and talented people.  I am blessed just to know them, let alone having the opportunity to work with them.  I am continually amazed by the dedication and hours of hard work donated by these fine people.  I have much to learn.

Since its beginnings in 2008, CDT has been working to help feed the hungry, educate and raise hunger awareness, provide a safe place for people to meet and socialize, provide service opportunities, and bring our community closer together.  We have created a way for people of different faiths to come together to do the Lord’s work.  And we have done it without any Federal assistance or paid employees!

CDT has reached out to the people of Bingham County and they have generously given their assistance.  We have received countless volunteer hours, both at the dinners and at the pantry.  We have received monetary and food donations from both businesses and individuals.  This community is outstanding in its generosity!

As we look into the future, we at the CDT will work to make this mission sustainable.  We, unfortunately, don’t expect the need for food distribution and help to diminish any time soon.  As Christ said, “ye have the poor with you always” and it is our desire to do as he commanded and “feed His sheep”.

We want to recognize all those who have helped us in the past and want to encourage you to continue to help us by making either a monetary or food donation.

Thank you in advance,

Jackie Young

President, CDT Board of Directors