The Community Dinner Table Mission

Community Dinner Table, Inc. (CDT) is a non-profit organization comprised of faith groups and friends working together to reduce hunger in Bingham County.  CDT’s more encompassing mission includes:

1.  Reducing hunger in Bingham County by providing wholesome food to those in need through the CDT fall dinner program and through food distribution programs like the Blackfoot Community Pantry (BCP) project;

2.  Developing and implementing solutions to the underlying causes of hunger through collaboration, education and advocacy through such activities as the Blackfoot Community Garden (BCG) project;

3.  Creating an environment for older residents in need of social interaction by making safe and wholesome dinner environments available to the aged; and,

4.  Promoting creative and productive teamwork between all faith groups in the County to increase the availability of resources and to build stronger and more meaningful inter-faith relationships.