We are so grateful to the corporations, organizations, and individuals that so generously give of their time and resources to support this community. Without the these donations of money, food, and time, Community Dinner Table would no longer be able to support it’s mission.

Corporate Sponsors

Contributions from local businesses have been the lifeblood of CDT. Through grants, gifts, and donations we have built the pantry, maintained the weekly dinners, and kept food in the mouths of the hungry from the very beginning.

Individual and Family Donations

We truly appreciate the generosity of individuals and families that contribute to the mission of CDT. Click the button below to learn how to contribute.

Food Drives and Fund Raising

Many organizations sponsor events to help bolster food supplies. These include the Tator Trot, Boy Scout and local church drives, elementary, middle and high schools competitions, and many more.


CDT regularly needs volunteers to help with the Food Pantry, at the dinners, and at specific events. Please consider volunteering if you can.