Kid’s Korner™  began in January of 2011. Debbie Hammett and Shelley Mangum, friends of CDT, noticed that the kids were causing a bit of havoc in the building after they had eaten their dinners. The parents were looking for a few short moments to quietly reflect on their day, without child involvement, and kids being kids – the disturbances grew.

So, the two women brought the Kid’s Korner™ concept to the CDT Board, and everyone instantly saw the potential to build a place and time for kids to learn, create, commune and engage under supervision of at least two adults at all times. Of course, the Kid’s Korner ™ took off like a rocket, becoming a very desirable place for the kids to come together every Tuesday night. They complete projects, learn songs, sing to the crowd, read and learn. Christmas is a special time for children, and the Kid’s Korner ™ treats our Christmas week dinner in a special way. Santa visits, bringing with him stockings filled with toys, hygiene products, gloves and socks for every child who attends – often in excess of 160 kids.

Since 2014, The Kid’s Korner™ has been efficiently managed by Pam Lienemann, Yvette Young and Holly Osburn, three women who know the value of keeping the kid’s occupied with interesting projects.

The Kid’s Korner ™ has become an attraction which makes it much easier for parents in need to make their way to dinner during the winter.  At last; a time for parents to relax and visit with other adults while the kids experience a special evening of creativity, fun and just being kids.