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While CDT is there to help our friends and neighbors in times of need, our real goal is to help people learn how to take care of themselves.  The dinners provide a meal each week, but they also provide a chance for recipients to join a group and help prepare that meal, serve, or clean up.  The Community Garden provides a setting for people to learn how to work, be responsible, and at the same time learn how to raise healthy and nutritious foods.  This education effort is explicitly designed to teach people in the community how to improve their lives through classes on nutrition, food preparation, budgeting, job skills, and many aspects of managing a home.

The classes and training offered in the Education Center tap both professional and volunteer expertise from the state universities, local community programs, businesses, and resources offered through faith groups.  The materials and classes offered are professional quality and would benefit anyone wanting to learn more.

The links below lead to posts about SOME of the classes we’ve offered. In addition there is ongoing instruction in English as a Second Language.

2015 – Education Classes Offered

2013 – Free Nutrition Education Course Offered