Strengthening Resiliency, A Crash Course in Wellness

Sign-ups for this course will run through August with classes to start in September. Final start date is still to be determined. If interested, call Dr. Michael Harris to enroll. 

Classes are free and will be held at either Bingham Memorial Hospital or at the Pantry. Final location to be determined based on the numbers enrolled and dates.

To sign up for these outstanding classes please contact Dr. Michael Harris at: (208) 346-0599.

Strengthening Resiliency, A Crash Course in Wellness

The aim of this course is to become more resilient; to utilize the tools, practices and lifestyle behaviors which enhance health and wellness. The information you will receive has been shown to strengthen a person physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually; and will help you become the best version of yourself!

There are 7 modules or lessons

Intro–Awareness and Assessment

1-Managing Money

2- Exercise and Physical Activity

3- Food and Nutrition: How Much Mileage Am I Getting?

4-Meditation and Spirituality

5-Finding My Purpose: What are my Talents and Gifts?

6-Hobbies and Outlets: Finding the Zest for Life!

7-Love and Relationships


The Fruits of Virtue

Making the Case for Living a Principle Centered Life;

Finding Peace and Plenty in a Chaotic World

When individuals develop a life of integrity and abide by universal values and beliefs, they will be happy.  The purpose of this course is to learn and practice 12 key virtues that will result in a life of peace, prosperity and purpose. These virtues follow time tested truths known as natural law–principles that are ageless and align with the teachings of our conscience as well as all major religions.

 “Give me one hour a week for twelve weeks, and together we will CHANGE your life.”    

We are currently in the process of identifying a new director for the education outreach at CDT.  Please check back for changes and updates.

 If you are personally interested and qualified to develop educational curricula for a community education program, please contact Jackie Young at 208-681-3892.