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Dinner Season Ends – 95,426 Meals Served over 16 Years

On Tuesday night, (April 2nd) the final dinner for the 2023-2024 season was served.  This marks the 16th year that Community Dinner Table (CDT) has been serving dinners during the winter months to the hungry, those with food insecurities, and those needing friendly interaction with others.  Bingham Memorial Hospital hosted a great dinner, serving 135 guests chili over baked potatoes, toppings, fruit, and brownies.  In Debbie’s Korner, children were able to make crafts with bead art and wooden butterflies.

Counting this final dinner, the community family of religious organizations, businesses, public organizations, and other groups provided 95,426 meals since the dinners were started!

As always, we thank the Jason Lee Memorial United Methodist Church for the continued use of their building and for all those who dedicate time each week in organizing, supporting and cleaning up after each meal, and for those helping with the yearly cleanup at the end of the season.

We are glad to have had a wonderful season behind us and look forward to a new year next October.  Be sure to watch out for the date of the summer barbecue that is held each July!

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