Dec 30 2013

Christmas Food Boxes

CansApproximately 315 families had their Christmas brightened with food boxes sufficient to feed a family of four 3 to 4 meals.  On the high end, this would be over 5,000 meals provided to families in the community.  The food for the boxes was prepared on Thursday, December 19th and given out on Friday, the 20th.  As much as 30,000 pounds of food were distributed including 16 boxes delivered to people that were home bound.  Special thanks are owed to the 9 core leaders, led by Ronda Cheatham and Sheila Van Orden, and the 30 plus volunteers who worked so hard to make the effort a success.   Special thanks are also extended to the many businesses and individuals in the community that donated food products, trucks and equipment.

The people that received boxes were very appreciative.  The food brightened their day and helped ease the budget at this time of year.