Aug 07 2020

2020 Harvest for Hunger

Harvest for Hunger raised $13,700.64 for our local pantry this year. Thank You!!!

Every March since 2017, Blackfoot Community Pantry/CDT has partnered with Bingham Co-op/CHS in their annual Harvest for Hunger donation drive.  The current Covid-19 situation has made fundraising challenging, and we went into the campaign with some anxiety.  With all of the uncertainty in the marketplace, we wondered if businesses and individuals would be willing to donate as they have in the past.  While donations were down somewhat, we are so blessed to have raised $13,700.64 for our pantry.

Food insecurity exists in every county of the United States.  1 in 6 children in the US face hunger.  Every dollar or pound of food donated to the H4H program or at the pantry goes directly to meeting that need.  “Hunger is a reality for many families in our communities and we may not even know it. Through CHS Harvest for Hunger, we are helping those in need,” says Jared Wolfley, CEO of CHS Bingham Cooperative.

We offer a special thank you to Denise Smith of Bingham Co-op/CHS for all her hard work on this fund raiser and the following business and individuals who donated in a big way: 

  • Idaho Ag Credit
  • Bank of Commerce
  • ICCU
  • Wada Farms
  • Idaho State University Credit Union
  • DL Evans Bank
  • GPOD