Large Donation Received

In early May we received a large donation of food from the LDS Humanitarian Center – with donated transportation from FedEx. THANK YOU both!

This spring, the LDS Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City donated many truckloads of food to help the hungry in several states in our nation – including a large donation to our region. 

Locally, in the first week of May, we received 27 pallets of non-perishable food to be shared between the North Bingham County Food Pantry and the Blackfoot Community Pantry.  This was arranged through the local humanitarian representative Richard Hare and two local Stake Presidents, Chris Canon and Bill Sponenburgh.

To get the food here FedEx Freight was asked to donate the transportation and they agreed.  Chris Cheatham, the local manager, made the arrangements to pick up and deliver the food.  Bill Sponenburgh arranged the muscle and some forklifts.  

The only problem was the rain that day as they sorted out and loaded a trailer to go to Shelley and tried to get everything else into the warehouse in Blackfoot before it got too wet!   Everyone worked hard to get the job done.  We send a big THANK YOU to all of the helpers and to the LDS church and FedEx Freight for their donation to our community.

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