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Christmas Food Boxes

Food boxes were provided to 319 families this year, thanks in great part to the many volunteers that both organized and served, and to the generous gifts from commercial organizations, schools and individuals contributors.  This certainly helped many families have a bright holiday knowing that there would be food on the table.  The boxes included dry and canned foods, fruit, breads, potatoes, dairy products, and either a turkey or ham.

The following photos show some of volunteers, products and activities associated with the Christmas Food Box effort.


Patrons being served as Santa looks on.  (Thanks Santa for stopping in at such a busy time!)


Sixth Graders and leaders stop by to present funds that came through hard work and many fund raisers held at the school.  The kids were later taken on a tour to see how the money would be used and who it would help.  Thanks kids, parents, teachers and administrators!

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