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Day of the Corn


Processing 2

On Saturday (Sept. 14th) the community rallied together to pick and process over 5,000 ears of corn in support of the Community Dinner Table (CDT). Saturday was dubbed “the day of the corn” and it started out early with both youth and adults from the LDS Stakes and others from the community picking, shucking and cleaning the corn.

It was then delivered to the Methodist church where it was processed. Members of the Lutheran, Cowboy, Methodist and LDS churches, along with other volunteers, blanched the corn, cut it, packaged it, and then drove it to a cold storage facility to be used at the weekly dinners sponsored by the Community Dinner Table. After filling the storage facility, the extra corn that was processed was donated to the Senior Citizens Center. The entire effort was completed in three and a half hours – a new record for the volunteers.

A special thanks is owed to Richard and Charlie Johnson of Grove City Gardens who have donated the corn to the CDT for the past several years. Most of the weekly dinners are supplemented with the corn that has come from their farm.

The day of the corn is just another example of ways in which the different faiths in Blackfoot have come together in a common cause, and Saturday was just the beginning. Starting the last Tuesday in October the CDT will be offering meals to individuals and families that may be struggling during these tough economic times. The dinners also offer friendship and camaraderie and provide a place to meet for a meal and good conversation. Since the dinners are rotated each week between the faith and community groups, it provides a chance for those who have been served to be able to give back and serve others

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