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Apr 29 2018

Recognition Dinner 2018 – Two Board Members Depart

The annual CDT recognition dinner was held April 18th with thanks being given to all the volunteers that helped throughout the past year.  Also recognized and thanked were the many corporate and philanthropic organizations that help keep CDT running and providing for so many in the community. At the dinner two of the founding board …

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Jun 04 2017

2017 Annual Appreciation Dinner

The 2016-2017 weekly dinners concluded with the annual appreciation dinner that was held at the Methodist church on April 11th.  This dinner was organized and served by CDT board members, with assistance this year by family, friends and volunteers from the Blackfoot LDS Young Single Adult  Wards.  The dinner is offered as a way for …

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May 08 2016

2016 Appreciation Dinner

On April 12th board members hosted the Community Dinner Table’s annual appreciation dinner.  This provided an opportunity to thank all those who supported CDT through the previous year and give them the chance to sit back and enjoy a terrific meal themselves. Those attending were treated to “chicken in a barrel”, prepared by Ron Thompson …

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May 09 2015

Recognition Dinner – 2015

The completion of another successful season at CDT was celebrated at the annual recognition dinner held in April.  This dinner was a way for board members to thank the numerous kitchen leaders from each faith group and organization that participated in the dinners throughout the year.  It was also a chance to express thanks to …

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Apr 24 2014

Awards Dinner

CDT leaders, with special help from the Snake River Distinguished Young Women, hosted a “Thank You” dinner for all the many volunteers and helpers that have supported the CDT mission throughout the past year.  This night was also a chance to give back to those leaders who served others so well throughout the winter months. …

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