Awards Dinner

CDT leaders, with special help from the Snake River Distinguished Young Women, hosted a “Thank You” dinner for all the many volunteers and helpers that have supported the CDT mission throughout the past year.  This night was also a chance to give back to those leaders who served othersGroup4 so well throughout the winter months.

Special recognition was given to many who went the extra mile in volunteering or providing on-going support to CDT.  Service awards were given as follows:

Special plaques were given to:

Rita Jennings – (Dinners)

Venita Fankhauser – (Dinners)

Susan Morrell – (Dinners)

Group3Earl Seth – (Pantry)

Tami Robinson – (Dinners)

Thom and Cari Garrett –(Dinners)


Certificates were given to:

Jerry Barbre – (Dinners)

Skip Yancey –  (Dinners)

Yvette Young  –  (Pantry)

Holly Osburn –  (Kid’s Korner™ )

Group1Pam Lienemann –  (Kid’s Korner™)

Carmen Hensen –  (Dinners and Kid’s Korner™)

Jon Hawkes – (Dinners)


Friends of CDT awards were given to:

Commissioner Ladd Carter

Mayor Paul Loomis

Eastern Idaho State Fair Staff

Table1Dave Sonnenberg


Many others came and worked hard to make this past season a big success.  Thank you to everyone that helped out!






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