Recognition Dinner – 2015

The completion of another successful season at CDT was celebrated at the annual recognition dinner held in April.  This dinner was a way for board members to thank the numerous kitchen leaders from each faith group and organization that participated in the dinners throughout the year.  It was also a chance to express thanks to those who supported CDT in other capacities as well.  Of special note this year was the recognition of all those who contributed to the building of the new Food Pantry.  Individuals and organizations that provided grants or donations of time and materials were given special recognition at the dinner.

We offer a big THANK YOU to the many donors and volunteers that are supporting our community and helping neighbors in need.  You are very appreciated!

This year plaques were given to Don Sorter as a pantry volunteer and Denise Durocher who is directing CDT Education.  Certificates were given to Pete Fitzgerald for his help with dish washing, Chris Capson as a pantry supervisor and Jannae Thomson as a youth volunteer.  Lee Hammett was also recognized for his leadership and years of service with CDT.

Special plaques, that were personally signed by patrons of the food pantry, were given to each of those who made significant contributions to the pantry construction.

Christian Utely and  Jackie Young were welcomed as new members of the board and Marilyn Andersen was thanked as she left the board to serve a mission with her husband.





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