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Welcome Carolyn Bowers


Carolyn2The Community Dinner Table would like to recognize a new member of the Board of Directors; Carolyn Bowers, and her husband David. Carolyn has replaced Gay Jeffery at the Jason Lee Memorial United Methodist Church, and while we will miss Gay, we are excited to welcome Carolyn to her new position at the church and with us on the CDT board. Carolyn provided some background information which we would like to share.

Carolyn was born in Grinnell, Iowa; her Dad is a United Methodist pastor (retired) and when she was three, the family moved to Seward, Alaska. Two years later they moved to Kenai, Alaska, then two years later to Anchorage, where she lived until she left Alaska in 1993 to attend seminary at Garrett-Evangelical Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. Carolyn has two brothers (one older, one younger) and a younger sister. She also had, at different times, a foster sister, and two special needs foster brothers.

Carolyn describes Alaska as a great place to grow up. Most summers her family spent at least 3 weeks camping in different parts of South-central and Central Alaska. They also had a cabin in Wasilla for many years. She recounts many fond memories of her growing up years.

After high school, Carolyn attended the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and then left for a year to attend graduate school in Cleveland, Ohio before returning to work in the Archives and Manuscripts Department at the University for five years. During that time she became active in the Walk to Emmaus community; and it was while working on the team for a walk in 1991 that she heard a call to ordained ministry.

Carolyn left Alaska for good in 1993 to attend seminary. While in seminary she met her now husband David and they were married in1997. She has served in the United Methodist Church in Troutdale Oregon, Boise Idaho, and in communities on the Columbia River west of Portland. This year the Bowers moved back to Idaho when she was appointed to serve at Jason Lee Memorial United Methodist Church in Blackfoot, where they now live with their 5 cats.

We are glad to have Carolyn and David here in the community and look forward to getting to know them better.

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