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Food Pantry Yard Sale

Yard-saleEveryone is invited to come support the Blackfoot Community Food Pantry,  Yard Sale on Friday, August 4th and Saturday, August 5th.

We are also looking for volunteers to help with the sale.

Here are the details:

Friday August 4th 8:00 am -4:00 pm

Saturday August 5th 8:00 am -2:00 pm

The sale will be held at the Pantry @ 245 West Sexton

The proceeds of the sale go towards purchasing hygiene items for our clients: tooth paste, deodorant, soaps, baby items, etc.

We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

-Help with set up August 3rd

-Help with day of sale Friday

-Help with day of sale Saturday

-Help with clean up Saturday

-People willing to donate gently used items to the sale.

-Baked goods day of sale Friday-Saturday

-Help gather and sort goods from now until the sale

Last year we earned nearly $1,800.  Volunteers would go out to people having yard sales and offer to haul off anything they could not sell; we would then sort through and keep those items for our sale. Pick up and sorting is our most pressing need. We need folks with trucks or trailers that are willing to go pick up the items and haul them to our storage shed.  Our thought is we could assign certain groups a weekend to be on call to do collection of items, then we will have other people sort through the items and categorize for the day of the sale.

This would be a perfect opportunity for any group looking to serve in some capacity. Church groups, scouts, businesses, civic organizations, etc.

If you can help please contact Pam at 680-9545

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