Ronda Cheatham Retires from CDT

The CDT board, along with many friends and volunteers, wishes Ronda all the best as she moves forward with other pursuits in her life. She has been associated with Community Dinner Table since 2008 and has been the primary driver behind the creation and operation of the Blackfoot Community Food Pantry. Many can remember when she started providing food to guests that attended the weekly dinners at the Methodist church. This grew and eventually led to the move to a new facility on Sexton. She has been the director of the pantry since it’s inception and will be sorely missed. She, with other CDT directors, received both state (Governor’s Commission) and local (Home Town Hero) awards and was recognized by Blackfoot Mayor Carroll and others in April for her contributions. Pictures from that event are shown below.

We appreciate all the countless hours that Ronda has put into the Pantry and the good that she has done in the community. Tens of thousands of pounds of food have been provided to the hungry and those in need under Ronda’s direction.

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