Aug 07 2020

What a Community!!!

Bradach is one of the caring youth in our community who has found a way to help those in need.

These uncertain times call forth the best in us as a community, and together we have really stepped up to help meet the challenge of feeding the hungry in Bingham County! 

This 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic will be remembered as a difficult time for many as the challenge of meeting basic needs grows weekly – but our community is filled with generous people.  Local gardeners have brought their homegrown surplus produce into the pantry to share with those in need.  Local youth have also contributed in various ways.  Bradach, the young man in the picture above, made cupcakes which he sold to raise money In order to purchase canned food to donate to the pantry.  One young lady chose to help collect food and then volunteered (and brought a friend) to help distribute food at the pantry for her Senior Project at Snake River High School.

We are so blessed to live in a community that cares for others and teaches their children to do the same.

Aug 07 2020

2020 Harvest for Hunger

Harvest for Hunger raised $13,700.64 for our local pantry this year. Thank You!!!

Every March since 2017, Blackfoot Community Pantry/CDT has partnered with Bingham Co-op/CHS in their annual Harvest for Hunger donation drive.  The current Covid-19 situation has made fundraising challenging, and we went into the campaign with some anxiety.  With all of the uncertainty in the marketplace, we wondered if businesses and individuals would be willing to donate as they have in the past.  While donations were down somewhat, we are so blessed to have raised $13,700.64 for our pantry.

Food insecurity exists in every county of the United States.  1 in 6 children in the US face hunger.  Every dollar or pound of food donated to the H4H program or at the pantry goes directly to meeting that need.  “Hunger is a reality for many families in our communities and we may not even know it. Through CHS Harvest for Hunger, we are helping those in need,” says Jared Wolfley, CEO of CHS Bingham Cooperative.

We offer a special thank you to Denise Smith of Bingham Co-op/CHS for all her hard work on this fund raiser and the following business and individuals who donated in a big way:  Idaho Ag Credit, Bank of Commerce, ICCU, Wada Farms, Idaho State University Credit Union, DL Evans Bank, GPOD


Aug 07 2020

Large Donation Received

In early May we received a large donation of food from the LDS Humanitarian Center – with donated transportation from FedEx. THANK YOU both!

This spring, the LDS Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City donated many truckloads of food to help the hungry in several states in our nation – including a large donation to our region. 

Locally, in the first week of May, we received 27 pallets of non-perishable food to be shared between the North Bingham County Food Pantry and the Blackfoot Community Pantry.  This was arranged through the local humanitarian representative Richard Hare and two local Stake Presidents, Chris Canon and Bill Sponenburgh.

To get the food here FedEx Freight was asked to donate the transportation and they agreed.  Chris Cheatham, the local manager, made the arrangements to pick up and deliver the food.  Bill Sponenburgh arranged the muscle and some forklifts.  

The only problem was the rain that day as they sorted out and loaded a trailer to go to Shelley and tried to get everything else into the warehouse in Blackfoot before it got too wet!   Everyone worked hard to get the job done.  We send a big THANK YOU to all of the helpers and to the LDS church and FedEx Freight for their donation to our community.

Aug 06 2020

Still Helping the Hungry – with Covid-19 Precautions

The Blackfoot Community Food Pantry, a part of Community Dinner Table, continues to provide a vital service to our community despite covid-19 precautions – as a drive-through service.

As the needs of the hungry in our community are compounded by concerns related to the covid-19 virus, we remain committed to doing what we can to help.  And we are VERY GRATEFUL to the generosity of those who have donated time, money & food to help us meet this goal.  We have had to make some changes in the way we meet these needs as we work to not only help the hungry in our community, but also to help prevent the spread of this virus.  Some of these changes are listed below.

Tuesday Night Dinners: Unfortunately, with the need to social distance to protect the health of our volunteers and the clients we serve, we had to discontinue our Tuesday night dinners 3 weeks early this spring.  As the fall season draws closer – the time we usually start up those dinners again – we are evaluating whether we can safely resume those dinners – and if so, what changes might need to be made.  Stay tuned for more information.

Food Pantry: Starting in mid-March, and for as long as this virus continues its threat, we are taking extra precautions at the food pantry.  Families can still come every week to receive approximately two meals worth of food weekly, but until further notice, food distribution is a drive through service to keep the possibility of viral spread to a minimum.  And for our elderly who are trying to not be out in public very much, we are delivering food to them on Thursdays.  Please call 208-557-4286 if you need assistance.   And behind the scenes we also work to keep our community safe by following the guidelines of our state and local health department, including: washing hands regularly (which we do anyway!), voluntary wearing of masks, and social distancing.

Nov 30 2019

2019 Tater Trot

We would like to thank our running community, our volunteers and our corporate sponsors for this year’s Tater Trot. We had 115 runners registered for this year’s event, the weather cooperated and overall it was a great success.  Despite morning temperatures starting out in teens, the event went off without a hitch.  Roughly 20 Volunteers braved the cold to help runners get started and fed for the annual event Runners were treated to a baked potato served by the CDT and were entered to win a variety of prizes donated by our generous sponsors.

The event netted a $3,500 donation to the CDT for the Christmas box project. This was $500 above last year’s results. The food boxes provide a full Christmas dinner to families in Bingham County. For information on this project, please contact the Blackfoot Community Food Pantry.

Below is a list of our corporate supporters who helped make this year’s event a success:

Liberty Gold Potatoes

Dr. Paul Hansen Family Dental Center


Idaho Central Credit Union

Vector Timing

Rupes Burgers

Bingham County Chiropractic

City of Blackfoot

Homestead Restaurant


Next year’s run is scheduled For Saturday November 7th, 2020

2019 Tater Trot

2019 Tater Trot

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